Constitution from 1/1/20

 1.         The aims of SWIG are to enable members to learn about wines and spirits, and to increase members’ knowledge and enjoyment in a social environment.

2.         SWIG is a not for profit club. If the club ceases to operate, any surplus will be donated to a local charity at the discretion of the Committee.

3.         SWIG membership is open to anyone aged 18 or over interested in wines and spirits upon completion of a Membership Form and payment of the annual fee, pro-rated to the Renewal Date,  whereupon an applicant becomes a Member.


Annual renewal fees are payable on April 1st of each year (the “Renewal Date”). The annual fee is intended to be used as follows:

a.   To provide SWIG with operating cash flow, principally for wines purchased in advance.

b.   To enable SWIG to meet any event shortfalls.

c.    To cover administrative expenses.

4.         There will be 12 events each year subject to demand.

5.         There will be a charge for each event payable in advance of attendance to cover direct costs.

6.         All communication will be by email.

7.         Attendance at events may be limited as a 75cl bottle will serve a maximum of 24 people for tasting purposes, and because of venue limitations. Generally, attendance will be determined on a first come, first served basis.


8.         Members may be excluded for inappropriate behaviour at the absolute discretion of the Committee.

9.         The administration of SWIG will be overseen by a Committee comprising a Chairman, Treasurer and Membership Secretary (the “Officers”). All Officer positions are unpaid, although certain expenses may be reimbursed.


The Committee is empowered to make all decisions necessary for the operation of the club, including the appointment of bankers and to make reasonable changes to this Constitution, such changes to be subject to approval at the subsequent AGM. Decisions of the Committee require a simple majority. The Committee will be supported by other members on an ad-hoc basis. 

10.     The financial year of SWIG shall be the 12 months ending on 31st December.

11.     An Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) will be held each year. Only current Members are entitled to attend and vote. All business will be determined by a simple majority if a vote is required.


The AGM will precede one of the club’s wine tasting events. Notice will be sent out with the relevant event email. Agenda items will include:

a.   Accounts for the previous year, approved by the Committee, will be presented to Members.

b.   Officers will stand for re-election.

c.    Changes to the Constitution will be placed before Members for approval.

d.   AOB

12.     The Membership Application Form and details of current fees and Officers are available on SWIG’s website at

Current Officers for 2020

Chair - Nick Hodgson

Treasurer - Kerry Attwell Thomas

Secretary - Paul Tyler -

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